Buzzy Marketplace

Where we connect dreamers and doers

We have a bunch of Buzzy Experts who can help you take your app to the next level.

Whether you need assistance with customising your app in Figma, setting up your Buzzy markup, or implementing some custom features there is someone who can help.

The Buzzy Marketplace is an online space where the Buzzy community comes together to connect, share skills, and lend a helping hand to fellow members.

How does the Buzzy Marketplace work?

Buzzy Customers are looking to build amazing apps/sites with Buzzy, but they lack the time, skills, or resources to do it themselves. So they reach out to Buzzy Experts!

Buzzy Experts are accredited freelancers, digital agencies, or venture studios who are looking to promote their services and showcase their Buzzy expertise. So they partner with Buzzy Customers!

How to join the Buzzy Marketplace?

Create your account on

If you are Buzzy accredited, you can choose to register as a Buzzy Expert. Your registration will be reviewed before your profile becomes visible on the Marketplace. If you are not sure, you can register as a Buzzy Customer and create your Expert profile later.

What can I do on the Buzzy Marketplace?

  1. Browse our list of Buzzy Experts

Access our list of accredited Buzzy Experts and open their profile to find their contact details, website, biography etc.

  1. Post a project

If you are working on a Buzzy project and want help from a Buzzy Expert, you can submit your project on the Marketplace. Experts will be able to see it, and reach out to you if they are interested.

Create a project from your Home screen and fill out the information required.

  1. Receive/Send proposals

Once a customer posts a project on the Marketplace, accredited Buzzy Experts can review it and send a proposal for that project if they are interested.

You can see the proposals you received on your Home screen.

  1. Accept/Decline proposals

You can choose to accept or decline the proposals you receive from Buzzy Experts.

If you choose to accept a proposal, the Expert will receive your positive response and you may reach out to the them to organise the next steps of your partnership. Buzzy Experts may also reach out to you before/after they submit their proposal.

If you choose to decline a proposal, the Expert will receive your negative response.

Found something missing, not working?

You can let us know via "Your Feedback" in the side navigation menu and we'll take a look. We appreciate your help in making the Marketplace a better space for the Buzzy community!

Want to become a Buzzy Expert yourself?

Start your accreditation here.

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