Integrating with Mailchimp

Let’s say you’d like to have a capture form and them add them to a Mailchimp (or other email subscriber) list… it’s easy:

1) Create your form in your Buzzy microapp

Resulting in

2) You’ll need the details to make a REST API call to your list sever. For example, with Mailchimp, you’ll first need to get an API key

Next we need to know what the API url will look like https://<dc><list_id>/members/

You’ll need to know what the <dc> bit is, with are the last few characters of your API key you generated above after the minus - sign. For example

For example if your API key is something like <somlongstring>-us20 the dc but is the us20. So your API url should be<list_id>/members/

No you just need the <list_id> which you can get by going to the List name and campaign defaults and you should be able to see your list id

Let’s pretend it’s 12345

So now you should be able to generate a api call to add a member to a list with

3) Create a rule when a new row is submitted with a Send to JSON POST request, like so

For the username you can user anything. For the password use your API key you generated in Mailchimp in step 2 above

for the JSON bit use this as the minimum, passing any additional fields to Mailchimp for display

    "email_address": "{{{email}}}",
    "status": "subscribed",
    "merge_fields": {
        "FNAME": "{{{First Name}}}",
        "LNAME": "{{{Last Name}}}"

Note the fields email, First Name and Last Name match to the labels in your Buzzy form fields. Use trile curly braces {{{<field name>}}} when you want to pass the exact value, use double braces {{<field name>}} for fields that may contain special characters (eg multi line text fields)

4) Test the Form by submitting a new item, you should see a new subscriber be added to the list in Mailchimp

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