Getting Started Guide

The perfect place to start for any Buzzy beginner.

This series of short video lessons focuses on using the Buzzy Figma plugin to manually create a custom app from scratch. It will step you through the creation of a simple app, starting with basic screens and slowly introducing more advanced concepts.

The combined time for all 6 lessons, ~45 minutes.

Follow along as we show you how to use the basic Buzzy elements and try it yourself using the accompanying example file in each lesson.

Using Buzzy AI and have a new Buzzy app? This set of guides will introduce you to the core concepts you need to edit your app in Figma.

Buzzy builds on a basic familiarity with Figma. Read this article for Figma tips and best practices.

For a complete playlist of our Youtube videos and demos, go here! As well as the Getting Started videos, there's a range of tutorials and demos covering more advanced techniques and tips.


The Buzzy plugin has been updated since the videos were recorded. These changes do not change the basic principles and concepts outlined in the videos, but you will notice the following:

  • BRIEF: This tab is used only if generating a new app from scratch using Buzzy AI

  • DATA MODEL: Previously DATA, this is where you define your app's data model

  • MARKUP: Previously DESIGN, this is where you link your Figma design to functionality, roles, data and behaviour

  • PUBLISH: This is where you publish your app to a server for previewing and deployment

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