Setting up your custom Buzzy app

Using your own domain, publishing to the app stores and more

Setting up your server

Configuration options for your own Buzzy server:

App name

This just needs to be something unique in the realm of Buzzy deployment names. We recommend something like the name of your organization or project.


You need to choose the region you'd like to deploy in, at the moment, these options are available:

  • NA1 - North America (in the USA)

  • EU1 - Europe - (in Germany)

  • AP1 - Asia Pacific - (in Australia)

Based on the chose region, this is where you app's data will reside and be served from.

Domain name

You have two options to configure the domain name setup:

1. Use Buzzy's domain with your own custom sub-domain

Use your custom sub-domain with a Buzzy domain - as an example: The sub-domain here is somethingcustom. Constraints it needs to be unique and not anything offensive, aligned with Buzzy's terms and conditions.

2. Your own domain

Setup your own sub-domain to point to the Buzzy deployment, for example "app.<yourdomain>.com " where "app" is the sub-domain.

You will need to go to your DNS provider, like Godaddy, and setup a CNAME record to the details below. As an example, of how to setup on Godaddy please see here.

If you need help, please reach out to your DNS provider to get help on how to do this.

The CNAME record will need to be setup to point to one of the following servers depending on the region your Buzzy server will be in:

  1. NA1 point to

  2. EU1 point to

  3. AP1 point to

Once setup you should be able to validate it's been done correctly a nslookup web site like CNAME lookup. You can also do a nslookup or dig on your computer via the Terminal/Command prompt.

If you want to have your own domain but need more time to set it up, we can set up your server with the Buzzy domain to start with and switch to your custom domain once it is ready.

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