Getting your Buzzy AI app into Figma

Getting an AI-created Buzzy app into a Figma file so you can edit and republish it via the Buzzy Figma plugin.

If you've used Buzzy AI to generate a new app via the Buzzy website or Buzzy Workspace, you can import the app into a Figma file. You can then edit and republish the app directly from Figma using the Buzzy Figma plugin.

Make sure you have a Figma account with the same email address as you've used for Buzzy.

It helps to be familiar with Figma, and have an understanding of how the Buzzy plugin works via our getting started guides

Open the Buzzy AI Figma toolkit

In the Buzzy Workspace, go to the Buzzy Design tab, you should see a set of instructions (see screengrab). Click a UI kit file link - or just go to this Figma community file.

Copy the Buzzy AI toolkit

Click the 'Open in Figma' button at top of the Figma community file web page - this will create a copy of the AI toolkit file in your own Figma 'Drafts' folder .

Note: If you don't have a Figma account yet, Figma will prompt you to create one - make sure you sign up with the same email address you used to create your Buzzy account.

Run the Buzzy plugin

Follow the instructions on the first page of the new file to find and run the Buzzy plugin.

Connect your Buzzy and Figma accounts

Follow the instructions in the Buzzy plugin to connect your Buzzy and Figma accounts (again - it's important you use the same email address for both Buzzy and Figma here).

Switch to the 'Your app here' page of the toolkit file.

The Buzzy plugin should recognise it can generate an app here, and will ask if you want to create a new one or import and existing one.

Potential gotcha: If you don't see the option to import your app in the Buzzy Figma plugin, make sure you have 'Wizard mode' enabled!

Choose the import option, and select the app you created - this will import your app and its Buzzy settings, and generate your app screens on the current Figma page. The flow of plugin screens should look a bit like this:

Edit your app and republish from Figma!

Once that's done, you can use Figma to update your app screens and UI (for instance, see the instructions in the toolkit file for switching themes in seconds), and the traditional Buzzy plugin UI to modify your app data, markup and functionality. Once you've made changes, simply go to the publish tab of the plugin and republish your app.

Having problems? Check out our FAQs and troubleshooting section.

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