Add a new row to a Microapp


ignoreActionRules - this tells the insert code not to fire any of the rules set up in the microapp for when the row is inserted

The X-Auth-Token and X-User-Id are derived from the values authToken and userId returned from the login endpoint and are used in the HTTP header.

rowData - name value pairs for fields.

userID - optional - if not provided, this defaults ot the user making the API call. Optionally, you can set the creator of a row by using the userID (string). eg "userID": "<some user's id>"


	"microAppID":<insert microapp id here>",


Returns the status of the request


POST /api/insertmicroapprow
X-Auth-Token: <the authtoken you got back after authentication>
X-User-Id: <the userid you got back after authentication>


You should get back:

    "status": "success",

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