insert a list of users into a list of teams.

You can either supply a list of email addresses or existing userIDs. If email addresses, and the users do not exist, the users will be created and invited.

Note: the user inserting members must have organization or team admin right to be able to add users to a team. If you'd like to just invite to an organization, then use the "All Members" team of an organization.


The X-Auth-Token and X-User-Id are derived from the values authToken and userId returned from the login endpoint and are used in the HTTP header.

        "teamIDs":["<teamid1>", "<teamid2>"],
        "emails": ["", "", "if not user will be invited"],
        "userIDs": ["option user id's for existing users"],
        "targetRoute": "<optiona 'app' or 'go'>",
        "targetInitialApp": "<optional app id if app route>",
        "targetInitialScreen": "<optional  if app route screen id>"        


Returns the status of the request


POST /api/insertteammembers 
X-Auth-Token:<insert token here>
X-User-Id:<insert user id here>

	"teamIDs":["<teamid1>", "<teamid2>"],
	"emails": ["", ""]

You should get back:

    "status": "success",

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