Renders a button on the microapp form. You enter the text to be used on the button, it’s type, as well as specifying who can view the button analytics.

Button actions are declared in the Advanced and Rules Tab.


The button type includes:

  • Click - Default action. In the Rules Tab choose the field name as the element and then condition as clicked. After that the action can be specified.

  • Toggle - The button has 2 states (ie on/off), and each state can have custom button text. Actions need to be defined the same as the Click Type.

  • Link - The designer specifies a URL that should be opened when the user clicks this field. In addition to a website, if an Email address is specified a dialogue will appear to send a notification.

  • State - allows you to set state on a form - it is like a local state variable, that you can then use in validation or display formula. It’s similar to storing value in a field, but when submitted the state is not sent to the server.

  • Submit - On occasion there may be multiple paths on a form flow - eg the unhappy path and the happy path… then on those paths there are various points where the user is done and it’s a submit.

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