Code widget (HTML)

The HTML field allows you to embed custom code in Buzzy. Use embedded markup for simple html or SVG without code, a sandboxed iframe if you have custom code (eg JavaScript), or a trusted iframe to embed media such as Youtube or Vimeo.

For and HTML field to render it needs a row of data.

Note HTML field types and components will also run in a sandboxed HTML widget/component on the Buzzy native client, albeit rendering HTML, see below for communication between the HTML and the parent Buzzy window or native app.

For more details please see the Code Widget Fields - Advanced Guide

Embedded markup

Embedded markup allows you to add custom html or svg code to your app, but code such as javascript will be stripped.

Sandboxed iframe

Sandboxed iframes allow you to add custom markup and code to your app, but are sandboxed, meaning they don’t have access to the root domain.

Trusted iframe

Trusted iframes allow you to embed an iframe from a trusted external source that requires access to the root domain, such as Youtube or Vimeo.

By default, Buzzy trusts the following domains:








You can define the source URL of a trusted iframes as a:

  • Field: Select a field from the current row that will provide the source URL of the trusted iframe - this might be a text or URL field that contains the URL string.

  • Formula: Write a formula that will provide the source URL for the trusted iframe. See docs and for help on formulas.

Note: You can define custom domains to add to the trusted list if you set up your own Buzzy server.

Other settings


You can define your iframe dimensions either as a ratio (eg 16x9) or provide custom width and height values. Remember to include your units (eg %, px, em, vw).

Connection mode

An embedded iframe can be connected to Buzzy either as ‘Reactive’ (default) or ‘Static’. Reactive will refresh automatically, but may slow your app down. Static is quicker, but will require manual refresh.


You can provide custom markup such as HTML or SVG. A sandboxed iframe will also allow code such as javascript. Both embedded and sandboxed iframes will allow you to use handlebars to display field values - learn more.

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