Datatable Field Type - Cheat Sheet

A quick overview of the field types available in a Datatable.

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Text field allowing input of plain text - it can be multiline (it will resize itself as user types). Links within the text are automatically parsed on submit (but are clickable only in readonly version ie by users without edit rights). Options include specifying whether it should be a text field, a url, email or phone number (on mobile devices this will open the relevant keyboard type).


This is a single-line numeric input (on mobile devices this will open the numeric keyboard if available).


A date/time field - can be a single date/time or a duration (ie with start and end date/time). User can specify as ‘all day’ (enter date only, no time). Can also limit field to allow time/day/month or year selection only.


An address or location field - opens a map view.

Toggle (true/false)

This is an on/off switch control that renders as a single checkbox with an optional label. Use this when you only need the user to set a single value to true/false or on/off.


A list of checkboxes with a labels allowing user to select either none, one or multiple options.


A ‘todo’ or task list widget that renders as a series of checkboxes with a ‘percentage complete’ progress bar - as items are checked off, the progress bar/percentage adjusts. You can specify default items and/or allow users to add/edit/remove their own.


A single dropdown selectbox field allowing user to select only a single option out of a list. Can also render the options as buttons.


A rating selection from 1 to 5 - can specify from a choice of icons eg stars, hearts and more (default is stars).


An attachment field that allows users to attach one or more files (including images). Attached files render as a list, with each item clickable (depends on file type and device/browser whether click triggers view or download).


Similar to the Attachments field, but limited to images - these render in a gallery view when clicked.


A signature/drawing field allowing user to sign via mouse/screen touch and save their signature.

Audio - (LEGACY)

No longer supported.

Renders as a text input allowing a user to add a url/link. This then displays as a clickable card with title, image and description from the link (if available). User can also manually enter information for that card (eg title or description) if the link doesn’t automatically provide it.



An event widget that includes a title (text input), start and end date/time and location (opens map view). When viewed in results, includes ‘add to calendar’ button which triggers an email notification with calendar link in it. Can also include an RSVP option.


Renders a button on the Datatable form. You can enter the text to be used on the button, as well as specifying who can view the button analytics (who clicked the button and when). The button options/type include:

  • Click button: default, action needs to be specified via rules in the Datatable advanced settings (Settings modal > Advance tab > Rules tab)

  • Toggle button: similar to click button, actions need to be defined in advanced settings. In this case the button has 2 states (ie on/off), and each state can have custom button text.

  • Link button: can specify a link to open on button click (this can include an email address).

  • State button: allows you to set state on a form - like a local state variable that you can then use in validation or display formula.

  • Submit button: submits the form immediately.


Allows you to render a value via a JSONata calculation eg based on values entered in other fields within the same form (for instance, a tally or total).

User Vote

This field type creates a survey - users can select from one of a series of options. It is intended to collate the choices of multiple users and is thus redundant with a normal ‘submit’ form use-case since only the user submitting the form would make a choice - the Checkboxes or Selectlist field would be better suited here.

Cross-App Field

Advanced option to include values from a field in another app within Buzzy.

Embedded Datatable

Embeddatatable field allows you to nest an entire Datatable as its own field in a parent app - in effect, to form a one to many relationship between two Datatable.

Notification Button

Renders a button that triggers a messaging interface, allowing you to send in-app notifications directly to individuals, teams or organisations.

Payment Button

Payment Field creates a payment button within a result row. The button is not visible in the Datatable submit form itself. Payment settings are defined at result level (once created).

Recommendation: A simpler option in most cases would be to just add a payment button as a standalone resource (ie not as part of a Datatable) to the Buzz.


Teams is a select field that lets you choose Buzzy teams. Useful if doing advanced stuff with the information (eg formulas etc).


These are static text or display elements that don’t gather data themselves but are rendered in the Datatable submit form or result details view.

A text heading used to group fields into sections.

Display Text

Static text - for instance help text or instructions you may want to render on your form. Links are parsed and become clickable.


Displays a static image.


A static divider (horizontal rule) element.


These are static fields that render information about the current result. They don’t render in form views (ie before a result exists).

Author Name

Displays the user name (if available) of the row creator (ie who submitted a particular result).

Author Phone (LEGACY)

Displays the phone number (if available) of the row creator (ie who submitted a particular result).

Submitted Date

Displays the date/time a result was submitted.



A searchable select field that defines view permissions (by individual, team or organisation) on a Datatable result row.


A searchable select field that assigns tags to a Datatable result row (currently limited to global tags only).


Renders a checkbox, used to define a state on the row as true/false. Use this in conjunction with Datatable actions or rules.


Box File

Field which allows user to insert/attach files from Box cloud storage service. Only available to users logged in via Box



Similar to the rating field, but renders as unhappy to happy face icons, and on selection only the selected one is highlighted (ratings highlights the icons from 1 to the current selection).


Allows app author to insert custom (SVG image) code as a field - that code can refer to other field values. In the app, this is parsed and rendered as a .svg image, with an option to download and save it as a .png image.


Displays an OpenWeather weather forecast (in a result view only) based on the first available valid location field value in that row/result.

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