Introduction to Fields

The Buzzy Framework provides a standard pattern to build and deploy websites and apps. The framework acts as a structure that keeps code simple and consistent. Essential to this framework are Datatable and their field types.

All fields have a Name and optional Help Text that is displayed beneath the field. Specific parameters will vary depending on the field type - for instance default values or formatting options.

Field modes include 'Read' (readonly value), 'Summary' (formatted value), 'Insert' (create), and 'Edit'. 'Value' was added as an extra option that doesn't use the any Buzzy rendering or formatting, it just pulls out the raw value. There's also differences across the different field types, for instance with a date field you can add params to format the date string when it's in Value or Read mode, but not Summary mode (since that comes already formatted). 'Filter' and 'Image' are special field types that apply only to those components.

Field permissions grant access rights to classes of users. The following classes can interact with the field:

  • Owners & Authors Only

  • Owners & Authors & Creators Only

  • All Participants

  • Anyone

Field visibility in the Buzzy Workspace summary table can be enabled or disabled.

Field validation can be customized using JSONata. For more information see Formula language

A Display Rule provides a mechanism to dynamically alter the visibility of a field. Displaying a field based on the values of other fields provides more information for using this capability.

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