Sort Fields

Indexing a Microapp is used to quickly locate data without having to search every row. Indexes can be created using one or more fields and provide efficient access of ordered records.

A task list that is sorted in chronological order is an example of using a sorted Microapp. The Microapp contains a field with the date/time of the assignment. This can specified as the sort field in asscending order. The Microapp will then display the rows ordered by date and time.

The tutotial on Microapp to Microapp relationships illustrates another use of sort fields.

Sort Fields are specified in a Microapp using the Properties/Results tab.

1 to 3 sort fields are available for a Microapp. Sort Field 1 is the primary field, it is used first when creating the sort index for the Microapp. If additonal fields are specified then a compound index is created.

The Sort Geometry Field is used to specify the location field that should be used to create a spatial index.

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