Stuck on something to do with Buzzy datatables and fields? Here's some pointers.

Data model edits via the Workspace

At this point of time we don't support you adding or editing fields via the Buzzy Workspace -> Data Tab (we hope to do this soon).

Once your app is up and running, you can use the Workspace -> Data Tab to add/edit/delete data itself, just not change the data model. To make changes to your data model itself (eg adding new data tables or fields), you can do this either:

  1. Via the AI edit capability using a prompt - please see this entry

  2. Via the Figma plugin on the "Data" tab (eg the 'Create new field' option). When you publish from the plugin, it will update the app data table in the Buzzy workspace.

The 'Fix fields' action

'Fixing fields' recreates all the rows in a datatable to ensure that each one has all the fields defined for the table.

It may be required if the datatable rows get out of sync with the datatable field definitions - for instance if you add additional fields via the Figma plugin, but the Workspace datatable doesn't insert them into pre-existing data rows.

To access fix fields, go to your app Workspace, navigate to the Data screen and select 'Fix fields' from the dropdown available on each datatable you want to apply the action to:

Depending on the amount of data and rows to be recreated, this process may take a while.

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