About Buzzy Enterprise CMS

Buzzy is a no-low-code platform for rapidly enabling mobile functionality. We work with System Integrators (SI) and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to extend their capabilities within their client base or offering, with low cost risk.

Buzzy removes the need for complex and costly app development, and is disrupting the Enterprise Software Development Market. We enhance our partners’ products, solutions and offerings allowing it to be rebranded, integrated and delivered as part of a partner’s solution.


Buzzy is built on modern leading technologies that are based on open standards (Docker/Kubernetes) and are highly robust, scalable and secure.

Buzzy has been built to work both online and offline - this includes full CRUD capability while disconnected. This ensures that users in remote or inaccessible situations are not compromised for their business process.


  • Build mobile and desktop applications fast - within minutes

  • Derive business value from streamlined processes

  • Create data integrity across platforms and systems

  • Give business users amazing experiences through seamless applications

  • Large software vendors get a low-risk mobile feature set

  • End client gets desired functionality from existing trusted partner


We add value to ISV and SI solutions by allowing them to add any of the following capabilities to their solutions:



We work with Partners to deliver the best value to their customers. We don’t compete with no code/low code vendors.


Develop your own industry-specific solutions with templates.


Buzzy’s speed to prototype and run this in production is outstanding. Customers can create business-ready applications from out-of-the-box templates, adapt them or create custom builds. Applications are built easily with drag and drop functionality.


  • White labelled no-low code platform - we allow partners/customer to rebrand and take to their customers under their brand

  • Minutes to create a single application that will run as both a web and native (React Native) iOS/Android app that can work offline

  • Typically deeply integrated with OEM partners core technologies

  • Easily extensible via open standard including REST APIs, CSV etc

  • Large out-of-the-box set of pre-defined templates

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