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The Buzzy server uses the S3 framework for storing files. This can be provided by Amazon or a 3rd party such as Minio.

The main purpose of building the S3 cloud storage is to focus on the minimality and scalability. A feature of these systems include the capability to store unstructured data like videos, log files, archives, photos, and container images. For example, the MinIO server has tons of features due to its high-performance and peta-scale work loading capacities.

Amazon S3 Usage

To track the storage cost or other criteria for individual projects or groups of projects, label your Amazon S3 buckets using cost allocation tags. Amazon provides reports for S3 Usage.


The Buzzy database is MongoDB and can be run in a number of variations:

  • Simple On Prem – Docker Image

  • On Prem Cluster

  • Cloud (eg Atlas or IBM Compose)

There is support for massive scale and performance, continuous backup, encryption etc…

Mongo OpLog is required for base installations. This can be swapped our to alternative REDIS deployment for high performance scenarios.

MongoDB Replica sets provide redundancy and high availability, and are the basis for all production deployments.

MongoDB Performance is affected by indexing and hardware such as CPU and disk utilization.

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