Performance and Reliability

Using cloud native automated profiling analysis, intuitive dashboards, and visualizations, teams can track latency, throughput, errors, and more, across their entire Buzzy ecosystem. These tools are generally available through K8’s environment.

Monitoring Log Files

Buzzy utilizes a custom service for logging that is business focused. This service logs user interactions such as clicks on fields, notifications, etc. The log data is stored in a MongoDB and specific retention policies can be configured.

Monitoring Usage

Each Kubernetes environment has capabilities for monitoring usage. Scaling rules can be applied to the Buzzy services, for more information see Kubernetes Autoscale.

Routing Requests

The Buzzy Mobile and desktop applications can be separated into different clusters for performance and management. Simply install and configure the Buzzy services for each device and then utilize different domain/ip addresses in the apps.

Adding Workers

A Buzzy worker service processes long running jobs, such as imports. Buzzy can be configured to offload this processing to a worker service, thus freeing up the main service for user interface requests.


Buzzy can be configured to send out notifications to users in staggered batches. Buzzy throttles the notifications which in turn causes the users to gradually access Buzzy; not all at the same time thereby avoiding a spike in resource access.

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