Release Management

Release management oversees all the stages involved in a software release from development and testing to deployment. Release management is required anytime a new product or even changes to an existing product are requested. Release management processes vary and should be customized for each organization.

Development -> Stage -> Production

The automation of release processes enables and leads to increased release frequencies and progressive delivery strategies, with multiple versions running in parallel — both in pre-production and production. Buzzy has elements of software and data that change between releases. The platform itself is managed through standard software release methodology and tools. User defined buzzes or “app defs” are stored in the Mongo Database in addition to application data as well as system configration data such as teams. Files such as photographs as are stored on an S3 compatible device.

All of these components are elements of release and require planning for successful deployment. Buzzy migration is achieved through software upgrades and targetted data extracts and loads achieved through scripting.

Beta Testing

On ioS devices, the application TestFlight is used for beta testing.

On Android devices, the application Google Play Console is used for beta testing.

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